Finding better alternatives to common items can be an exhausting ongoing mission in life! Here is a list of what I have collated around Geelong so far (I will keep adding to it as I think of things and find more options).

This list is meant to be helpful to make some better choices, not perfect ones, and designed to help when you need to buy things now or soon and can’t wait for online.

Overview of Shops

Outdoor Gear in Geelong

Kathmandu Geelong

Kathmandu is a great starting spot to find better alternatives to outdoor and travel clothing and gear.

A lot of there clothes are also really good options if your want everyday wear thats still more practical and durable without sacrifycing a bit of style.

When it comes to Kathamandu, be aware if its not currently on sale it possibly soon will be as they do frequently have very good sales for club members (of course if its something you really want you run the risk of missing out).

There mens size up to XXL in most products and even extend to a 3XL in a limited range. Unfortunately, like most companies there mens sizes are more generous than there womens. There ladies sizes are slowly becoming more inclusive though, they are up to an 18 in many items now and hopefully this will go higher over time.


Is getting better with there sustainable ble options! These are some of the products in Geelong:

  • Organic cotton Tshirts
  • Products with recycled materials
  • Vegan down
  • Size inclusive options of plus size outdoor gear in Geelong

They have an organic cotton tshirt range for men and women as well as recycled materials in some products.

Macpac is leading the way as far major stores go with bringing in size inclusive options. They offer up to size 24 in many of the most popular items, with options for pants, jackets and polar fleece.

I’m really hoping this summer this sizing will exented to the organic cotton printed tshirts so organic tees become easy to get!


A pioneer in sustainable outdoor wear Patagonias products are desinged and manufactured in a thoughtful manner from cradle to grave, with ranges including organic cotton and recycled plastic.

A really fantastic option for fit peoples but unfortunately there ethical ethos doesnt extend to inclusivity and all sizes representaiton in the outdoors for women (apparently this doesnt apply to men, they stock up to xxl for them) and only go to a size 16/XL meaning they only just cater for up to the average Australian female size so plus size people are out of luck.

Organic and Eco Friendly clothing in Geelong

Taking Shape – Womens Clothing

In the last few years Taking shape has really lifted their game, selling a variety of Organic clothing and underwear options. If you are looking for womens organic clothing in Geelong they may be able to help. The specifically make organic cotton shirts, organic cotton active wear, organic cotton hoodies, organic cotton bras and organic cotton undies.

Taking Shape caters predominately for larger sizes however their clothing does go down to a 12/xxs in there sizing so they just cater for the bottom few sizes which are well covered in other clothing stores.

Specific Eco Friendly Products


Compostable bin bags/liners in Geelong

They sell the MAZE brand, Made from vegetable starch and for up to 54 Litres. There is enough on the roll to last for months. Just don’t leave them in your bin for weeks or they will start composting holes lol


Organic Sheets in Geelong

If you are looking for organic sheets in Geelong there are a few choice but not a massive range.

Adairs Geelong (Waurn Ponds)

Unforuntely Adairs doesnt seem to have organic sheets as part of the permanetly stocked range but hopefully that will change in the future as the Adairs branded organic cotten satteen are GOTS certified which is awesome but are often out of stock.

Depending on whats in stock they often have a Mark Tuckey organic sheet set if you are looking for organic sheets in Geelong. There is no specification as to what Organic standard they meet on the website.

They also sometimes have an organic kids range in extensive range of cute print options.

Adairs are bringing out more and more of the fun specialty printed sheets and other options in organic as well but its sometimes not in the title so you need to search ”organic” on the website for some of them to show up.

Adairs Bamboo sheets are seriously amazing and my favourites from a smooth comfort perspective (the best sheets i’ve ever slept on so I hope they never wear out because now I would feel guilty about buying them). However unfortunately I now know that while bamboo may be a sustainable plant, the process to turn it into material often involves chemicals. You can read Biomes in depth guide to why its not really sustainable.

Myer Geelong (CBD)

Myer stocks a range of Sheridan organic sheets. If you love airy and light colours these are a great option but for me the downside is they don’t come in practical dark colours like grey or navy (and they are a very high end price).

It looks like they are now stocking a more affordable range of House and Garden Organic sheets which is good, however they also are only available in light/pastel type colours.

Check availability in Geelong store online first as Myers website often has products that are only instock in big stores in Melbourne. For example there are organic sheets in the Aura range but there mostly not in the Geelong store.

The good thing about Myer though is if you don’t want to pay for postage you can often do free click and collect of sheets to the Geelong store and they get it in from other stores/online.

Cooler bag

Kathamandu has a range of cooler bags called ’retreat’ that come in fun colours and are available as a tote, medium and large cooler bag, lunch bag and bottle bag in Geelong when they are in stock.

They have outside material that contains recycled polyester, thought its very vague on the percentage! I use this cooler bag for food deliver for several months now opening and closing it man times a day and so far its held up pretty well so for average use thats a lot of picnics it should last for!

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