Geelong has a way to go with dog Friendly facilities (it has very limited fenced off-lead areas for the number of houses it services) however there are still lots of great dog-friendly places to visit around Geelong and the Bellarine and plenty in the nearby Surfcoast area.

Fenced Dog Offlead Areas

There are only two proper fenced offlead areas in Geelong (which is rediculous for a city of 250,000 people). One is located in Belmont and one in Corio. There are supposed to be more on the way so hopefully that happens soon.

Belmont Dog Park

Stead Park Dog Park

Dog friendly posts Geelong

Dog friendly walks Geelong

There are lots of great dog friendly walks and…

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Dog Friendly Beaches

Geelong has some dog off lead and dog on lead beaches as well as luckily plenty in the nearby Surfcoast Shire.

I have a post on dog friendly beaches on the Great Ocean Road on my other blog.