The Barwon River

If you are wondering what the Geelong river is called, the major river through the middle of Geelong is the Barwon River. You can also visit the confluence of the Barwon River and the Moorabool River in Fyansford and you will walk past it on the section of the Barwon River Loop through Fyansford.

The Barwon river has already had another name for tens of thousands of years. Indigenous Australians of the region call the Barwon River ’Barre Warre Yulluk which according to the Victorian Government ‘Our living Rivers of the Barwon’ discussion paper “this means “the great river (yulluk) that ran from the mountains (barre) to the ocean (warre). The name Barwon is derived from parwan meaning ‘magpie’ or ‘great wide’”. *

*Source: Barwon Discussion Paper (this is a government website, its almost guaranteed they will break the link and not redirect next time they change department names).

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